Night In The Museum End User License Agreement

Night In The Museum end user license agreement 

This software/game titled “Night In The Museum” is the intellectual property of “amariah Design”. amariah Design owns and operates This game was created using the Unity game engine and Unity reserves all rights to their engine/software/code.  

You accept you are granted a non-exclusive limited license to use this software, you do not own the software/game, which amariah Design can revoke at any time. All artwork/images in this game are the intellectual property of amariah Design and amariah Design reserves all rights to their artwork/images and code. 

You agree to only use this software as is intended. Which is to run the software/game and only interact with the game as intended by the developer, which is through keyboard and mouse commands the developer has programmed to be recognized in game which is displayed in a message upon game start. Then when finished playing the game you use the commands programmed into the game to exit the game. You agree to not copy, alter, decompile, hack, remove, (full or in part) any code, images, any part of the software/game.  

You also agree to not host/use this software at a public/commercial event/setting. This is intended only for use on your personal computer. You also agree to not claim ownership of the software or any connection to amariah Design. You also agree to not upload or host this software with your own, or any other, website or online service. 

You may not decompile this software, even for educational purposes, without first obtaining written permission from the owner of amariah Design. To obtain permission you agree you must contact the owner of amariah Design personally with a letter requesting to decompile the game and you must make such request in writing by certified mail with return receipt by way of the United States Postal Service to the owner of amariah Design. Then you must wait to receive a copy of a contract which you must sign and you must pay all fees to have that contract notarized. You must then send the official notarized paper work to the owner of amariah Design, keeping a copy of the notarized paperwork for yourself, using the same manner in which you first made your request to amariah Design. Then you must wait for the owner of amariah Design to send you back written acceptance, through the United States Postal Service, of the notarized paper work. You agree the steps mentioned above must all be done before you will even attempt to decompile this software. You may contact the owner of amariah Design through the contact page on the amariah Design website to request the address to send your request to. There is no guarantee you will get a response to begin this process. You agree if you do not get a response where to send your written request you obviously do not have permission to decompile this software. 

Upon winning the game a coupon code will appear in game. This coupon code is only valid till the 1st of February 2022. You understand attempting to use this coupon code after such date will result in the code not being accepted on checkout at the amariah Design online store. 

This software is provided as is without any kind of warranty. It is not guaranteed for any purpose. It may or may not run correctly, or at all, on your hardware/software configuration of your computer. You agree to hold amariah Design blameless for any damage this software may cause to your computer and to your person where such agreements are allowable. You agree you assume all the risk of using this software/game. 

This software/game has glowing lights and people who are light sensitive are encouraged to see their doctor and get professional medical advice regarding playing this game before playing this game. You agree to hold amariah Design blameless for any health issues that may arise from using this game. You also agree that if you experience health issues from using this game/software not in accordance with the way the developer intended OR if you experience health issues that caused you harm, (for example health issues related to light sensitivity, but not limited to only light sensitivity)  AND you did not see your doctor, or other qualifying medical professional, AND/OR did not obtain written permission from your doctor/medical professional that it is medically safe for you to play this specific game titled “Night In The Museum” you agree you must hold amariah Design blameless.  

If you do not accept or agree with this agreement then do not use this software. Using this software means you accept and agree with this agreement in its entirety. 

This agreement was last updated by amariah Design on 1/8/2022