God's Fire Canvas Print

$250.00 - $300.00
God's Fire Canvas Print

God's Fire by Devan Hawkins April 29, 2020. Everyone has trials, troubles, setbacks, and disappointments. How we handle them defines us. Pressing forward inspite of challenges protects us from the flames; only burning our blemishes away. The fire is not meant to destroy but to refine!

I created God's Fire at a low point in my life. I was homeless at the time living out of my car and had just lost my job due to lockdowns starting in 2020. I'm not homeless now and I have a regular job. God does love us and watches over us but if He did everything for us and made all days roses and sunshine we would never grow. The artwork shows the beginning of the end of the refining process. The rose is in the intense heat of the flames but does not burn or wither. Mostly at the bottom right are the "blemishes", the negative aspects of one's character, which have burned off and turned to ash falling away... leaving the beautiful rose.
-Devan Hawkins

Mounting brackets included - centered on frame

The 16"x16" canvas has white bars on the sides the 18"x24" covers the whole canvas.

Art ships with signature of artist on the print.

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